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Date Established: 9/15/09
Server: Ruairi
Leader: Apparition
Alternate Leader: Jasika
Officer: Heartset
Past Officers: Jasika, Yasato, Manna
Other Seniors: Karimono, Morrigan
Guild Title: Brutal
Status: Disbanded (4/11/13)
Affiliates: Shadowfox, Koibito, Miraclelight
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Founding Members of Ampere    

From left to right: Karimono, Morrigan, Apparition, Yasato, Jasika
Special thanks to: Heartset, Bravex, Manna, Hariyuki, Torlynn

Ampere is a prestigious and well maintained guild by mature and logical leaders. A successful social guild since September of 2009.

Hey guys. I guess it's a bit late for this but apparently there's still people seeking an explanation. I broke up the guild because the game's changed. Not the game specifically in terms of content or development, but more in a personal psychological way. I started playing around the end of G1 or beginning of G2, and had a pretty amazing journey, and met a lot of awesome people. Ampere was the product of our friendship. Over the years of leading this guild, my most important friends had less and less time to play, and eventually had to quit. Kari was in the army, Yasa moved to Japan, Morri moved on to other games, Heart went to college, Jas was always working, etc. I took a hiatus now and then but I could always count on my friends to keep things going for me while I was away. After my most recent hiatus, without them around, the guild completely died. I was left alone to recruit all completely new faces, which I just did not have the energy or motivation to do. The game took a dramatically depressive turn for me. I was recruiting at random and had no interest in the people who came aboard, and with each passing minute I felt myself becoming more and more anti-social. So I thought it best to just shut the whole thing down. We had an amazing 4 year run with success that I never would have expected. Thanks to everyone who cared and supported us.

If you want to see what I'm up to these days, I've started a new tumblr called Apparition's Terminal. Follow or bookmark that to keep up with me and whatever nerdy shit I'm getting in to.
Recruitment Message    
Ampere is a social guild for mature casual players. The terms "noob" and "pro" hold no significance to us. We have no level requirement. Instead of bearing focus solely on being the best at this single piece of software and proving ourselves to the world, we simply just play the game. The guilds purpose is to serve as a place to make new friends and to enjoy a relaxed drama-free environment. Be advised that altercations may lead to immediate ban regardless of the situation, thus argumentative/confrontive players need not apply. Receiving a guild invite does not guarantee acceptance. Your application may be rejected if it's illiterate or asinine to eliminate anyone who may be disruptive to the guild. Please understand that there are times of inactivity. Most members are in college, in the military, have jobs, traveling, etc., and get very busy. Despite being busy with life and being AFK often, I try to stay logged in as often as possible and do what I can to help everyone who comes to me seeking whatever form of guidance they may need. Now take a second to read the rules below, and apply if interested. Thanks for reading.

No dying guild robes! This obviously defeats their purpose.

Donate play/guild points before you rebirth. There is literally no other use for them, so might as well.

No drama. Arguments may lead to being banned. You may bring your concerns to any senior members for guidance. If you choose not to come to us, keep your problems to yourself.

Hacking/modding IS allowed. As long as it's not for malicious purposes.

No religious talk in guild chat. Worship what you want. Convert no one.


Any inquiries about the site should be directed to Apparition

Use your characters name when making an account.

Only upload pictures related to Mabi. This is a guild site, not Myspace.

Forum drama = Suspension or Ban.
Stone Location    
Guild stone located in Abb Neagh
In order to enter the chat room, you must be at least an associate of the guild.
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